Rotary Forged


  • 18×8
  • 18×8.5
  • 18×9
  • 18×9.5
  • 18×10.5
  • 19×8
  • 19×8.5
  • 19×9
  • 19×9.5
  • 19×10.5
  • 20×8.5
  • 20×9
  • 20×10
  • 20×10.5

Bolt Pattern

5×100 | 5×112 | 5×114.3 | 5×120


Yes. Rotary Forged.


The Mirabeau alloy wheel is named after one of the tightest corners on the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix race track. The Circuit de Monaco is a street circuit that is laid out on the city streets of Monte Carlo. In January 2009, the circuit was voted top of the “Seven Sporting Wonders of the World”. The circuit is used on one weekend in the month of May of each year to host the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. The Mirabeau has been noted by some as being the gem of Monaco because of the transition between the sweepers in Casino Square and the twisty downhill section leading to Portier and the famous tunnel. This stretch has been likened to being on a toboggan without any snow to cushion the bumps, and presents one of the few overtaking opportunities on the circuit, illustrated by Rubens Barrichello’s pass on Michael Schumacher during the 2011 Grand Prix.

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