Mandrus Wheels – Mercedes Benz exclusive Sports Rims in Singapore

There is nothing even close to a Mercedes. And there’s nothing even close to a Mercedes upgraded with a set of Mandrus wheels.

Stirling Rotary Forged

Mandrus Wheels. Uncompromising. Perfect.

Mandrus Wheels makes wheels exclusively and only for Mercedes Benz cars, vans and SUVs. Mandrus perfectly compliments every Mercedes Benz, paying the strictest attention to offsets, which determines how the tire and wheel fits in the wheel well in respect to suspension, brake and body components. Each wheel is custom engineered to ensure a perfect fit for every model. 

Mandrus Mercedes wheels include cast monoblock light alloys, rotary forged wheels and multi-piece wheels combining cast spokes and hubs with forged outer barrels. They are precisely engineered and built in the most advanced wheel-making facilities in the world. They are carefully finished in durable surfaces such as gunmetal, matte and gloss black as well as more traditional silver and chrome. All are produced using materials and processes to assure they meet the test of time.