Pitstop Tyres is the exclusive distributor of TSW Alloy Wheels locally. Within the TSW brand family, these include brands such as Black Rhino Wheels, XO Luxury Wheels, Beyern Wheels, Mandrus Wheels, Petrol Wheels, Redbourne Wheels, Victor Equipment Wheels, Ohm Wheels, Coventry Wheels, Lumarai Wheels, Cray Wheels, Genius Wheels, Ruff Wheels, Status Wheels, Tuff Wheels and more.

We are also the exclusive local distributor for JRD & Bright Wheels.
Other brands we carry include Rotiform, Niche Road Wheels, Motegi Racing, Xtreme-J Wheels, Volk Racing Wheels, RAYS Wheels, Enkei Wheels, OZ Racing Wheels etc. 

TSW is one of the oldest aftermarket wheel companies globally founded in the 1960s by South African racing driver Eddie Keizan. TSW develops highly technical products with a heavy design component, producing aftermarket wheels for automotive enthusiasts who customize their cars. Design, quality and the use of the latest of technology are core to TSW. Since its founding, TSW has over 8 distribution centres within Europe & America serving over 5,800 retailers across the globe. 

JRD is the pioneer and the largest alloy wheel manufacturer in Malaysia with production facilities in Thailand & Malaysia. JRD factories are certified at the highest level, with both German TÜV & Japanese VIA certifications. After sending wheels to TUV Germany for testing & certification, JRD is the first company in Malaysia to obtain this recognition in 1993. 

With the highest level of confidence,  JRD also provides accidental factory defect insurance of up to RM3,000,000.00.

In addition to this, JRD is the OEM leader in Malaysia, supplying to
Proton, Perodua, Nissan, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Naza, KIA, Mazda, Isuzu, Chery Alado and other leading vehicle manufacturers. 

XO Luxury Wheels are the top-of-the-line wheels within the TSW collection. XO wheels only begin production exclusively from 19″ and above, with fitments catered towards high end luxury cars. 

Each wheel is designed in-house by teams in California and Florida. Utilising the latest in computer-aided engineering and testing, the XO Luxury team uses Finite Element Analysis to view detailed visualisations of a wheels’ strongest points and distribution of stresses. XO Luxury wheels are the result of vigorous research and development to ensure premium quality in design, style, and craftsmanship. 

Black Rhino Wheels are bourne of South African heritage and is named after the tough and mighty Black Rhino, an icon of the African bush. Black Rhino offers street and off-road wheels for trucks, SUVs, crossovers and camper van conversions.

Since the brand’s inception, Black Rhino Wheels supports conservation efforts that will help to safeguard the rhino from extinction. A portion of all wheel sales is contributed towards the protection and conservation of all endangered rhino species. 

Black Rhino Wheels is one of the few reputable wheel brands available for Off-Road fitments in Singapore. We take pride in our 4X4 fitments including All-Terrain AT Tyre fitments including brands such as Falken, BF Goodrich and more.

Mandrus Wheels makes wheels exclusively for Mercedes Benz. Mandrus perfectly compliments every Mercedes Benz, paying the strictest attention to offsets, which determines how the tire and wheel fits in the wheel well in respect to suspension, brake and body components. Each wheel is custom engineered to ensure a perfect fit for every model. They are precisely engineered and built in the most advanced wheel-making facilities in the world. 

Here in Singapore, we’ve fit a multitude of Mandrus Wheels on Mercedes Vehicles ranging from your everyday CLA180, to your luxurious S500 and sporty AMG models. 

Beyern specializes in building and designing wheels exclusively to fit BMW. Beyern Wheels was created as a company with the strictly defined mission of designing, engineering, and manufacturing high quality, high precision, high style aftermarket wheels to fit BMW vehicles, and only BMWs. They do not make OE, Original Equipment  BMW wheels, or copies of original equipment BMW wheels. Beyern engineer aftermarket wheels that make you want to take off your original BMW wheels.

Beyern aftermarket BMW wheels have passed every important testing standard in the world, including the German TUV standard, the Japanese JWL standard the and the American SAE standard. All Beyern BMW alloy wheels are perfectly hub-centric and made to the tightest tolerances. When it comes to BMW alloy wheels, Beyern has the perfect fit. Beyern wheels are designed to fit the 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, Z3, Z4, X3, or X5 BMW in 17 inches through 22 inches with staggered fitments available.

Ohm Wheels are exclusive Tesla Wheels. All Ohm Wheels are engineered and tested with each Tesla in mind. As a result, Ohm Wheels are compatible with the various brakes on the Model S Performance and Model X Performance. Ohm wheels are also typically hub-centric for a bolt on fitment without the need for hub rings and additional spacers. In addition to this, Ohm Tesla Rims are comaptible with the OE Tesla center cap and TPMS sensors for those that prefer to retain the original manufacturer look.

Pitstop Tyres is the only wheels specialist that carries Ohm Wheels in Singapore.